Five Threats to Retirement Savings

Saving for retirement does not always go as planned. Retirement savings are subject to threats, both direct and indirect. Some of these threats are just unfortunate circumstances, while others are deliberate actions trying to take advantage of the investor. Boomerang Children These are the children of the Boomer Generation that are still being supported by … Continue reading “Five Threats to Retirement Savings”

The Balancing Act

Many younger workers have the task of balancing debt reduction with retirement savings. Often the debt they have accrued is related to student loans and credit cards. Many of these workers believe they need to pay off their debt before they begin actively saving for retirement. However, to be able to save a sufficient amount … Continue reading “The Balancing Act”

Preparing for Winter Storms

Winter storms have been sweeping across the nation lately, leaving many without power. It is important to be prepared for snow, ice and possible loss of power during winter storms, and to be aware of the possible severity expected. When reporting about potential weather storms, they are described as one of four categories: winter storm … Continue reading “Preparing for Winter Storms”