Individual 401(k) Plan Account Establishment

Individual 401(k) Plan

To establish an Individual(k) Plan we will need the following:

  1. A completed Individual(k) Plan Starter Kit.
  2. Fund Your Account.
    1. Transfer Form for each IRA from which we will be directly receiving funds – Watch Video HERE.
      1. Statement for each IRA to be transferred.
    2. Rollover Certification Form for each employer sponsored plan (401k, etc.) – Watch Video HERE.
      1. Statement for each qualified plan to be rolled over.
    3. Contribution Coupon.
  3. Copy of your Driver’s License.
  4. $300.00 Plan document fee.
  5. $50.00 account establishment fee (per participant/account).

Please choose how you prefer to complete your Individual(k) Plan application:

For more information, please contact Mountain West IRA at 866-377-3311.