Wheelchairs for Warriors Charity Event June 12, 2020


Location: Pending in Boise, Idaho

Mountain West IRA presents
Wheelchairs For Warriors
June 12, 2020 Charity Event

Mountain West IRA is proudly hosting a charity event for wounded warriors and first responders. 100% of the proceeds will go to Wheelchairs for Warriors.

Wheelchairs for Warriors will be selecting a recipient to receive a customized wheelchair at this event! Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom wheelchairs to injured veterans and first responders that are engineered to each recipient’s individual needs and capabilities, allowing for mobility and independence at the highest level possible.

Do you or someone you know who was wounded in the line of duty need a wheelchair? Fill out application here!

Idaho Seminars

Self-Directed IRAs & Multifamily Investing Seminar

Mountain West IRA
10096 W. Fairview Suite 160
Boise, Idaho 83704

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Self-Directed IRAs & Multifamily Investing Free Seminar

Presenters: Jack Aduwo and Audie Black, Boise Multifamily Investing Group. 

Jack and Audie will be presenting on the distinct advantages that multifamily real estate investing confers using self-directed IRA or 401k accounts compared to other asset classes (e.g., stocks, mutual funds, other types of real estate). This includes the direct control of the asset performance and powerful tax benefits that are unique to multifamily real estate.

Attendees will learn about several options for investing, including individual investments, joint ventures, syndications, and REITs. Jack will also be presenting details from one of his recent apartment complex syndications to highlight the process of large scale multifamily acquisition, underwriting, value add strategies, and initial returns that the limited partners (passive investors) have enjoyed.

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