Need Some Inspiration to Save for Retirement?

Coin Dropping Into Piggy BankProject your retirement income! By taking a look at your current nest egg and estimating the amount you will have available when you are ready to retire, you can identify any potential shortcomings. Take the estimate a step further and determine the approximate annual income produced by your savings.

Most Americans discover they are not putting enough savings aside for retirement. Others are betting on the stock market, hoping their mutual fund manager will make good choices. Did you know there are other options? With a self-directed IRA you can take control of your retirement investments and the investment choices are nearly unlimited. Want to invest in gold or other precious metals? How about that investment real estate you’ve always dreamed of owning or a start-up business you heard about and want to include in your investment portfolio?

While the representatives from Mountain West IRA do not offer investment advice, they are available to clarify the IRA guidelines, assist in selecting the “best fit” IRA program and educate clients to avoid costly IRS penalties.