Purchasing Precious Metals

Purchasing Precious Metals

To purchase Precious Metals or Foreign Currency in your IRA, please complete and return the following at least 2 business days prior to funding the investment:


Complete and return a Precious Metals Purchase Kit – Watch Instructional Video HERE.


Provide us with a purchase contract/agreement from your precious metals dealer that clearly specifies your IRA as the buyer. – Watch Video HERE.

  1. Vesting must read: Mountain West IRA, Inc. FBO (Your Name) IRA.
  2. Any buyer address information must be our office address:  13905 W. Wainwright Dr., Boise, ID  83713.
  3. You must sign this document as “Read and Approved by: (Your Name)”.

If sending funds via wire to the dealer, please fill out the Outgoing Wire Instructions Form, if the dealer cannot email instructions.– Watch Video HERE.


Provide MWIRA with the appropriate documentation necessary to establish a storage account with a third party depository vault facility of your choosing. – Watch Video HERE.

  1. Your IRA must be listed as the account holder.  All aforementioned vesting and address information applies.
  2. If the selected depository requires an owner signature, please sign the custody agreement as Read and Approved. An agent for Mountain West IRA will sign on behalf of the IRA.

We must receive all complete and correct documentation at least 2 business days prior to the day you wish funds to be sent.

You are required to keep one (1) year of depository fees in your IRA upon purchase of an asset.

If you are funding your Mountain West IRA fees from your account keep in mind we will require $500.00 in your account at all times. You can choose to have a credit card on file with MWIRA for our administration fees as they arise or pay for the transaction fees and a year of recordkeeping fees in advance, in this case you are not required to have $500 in your IRA.  If you pay your fees by check, you will need to pay for the transaction fees and a year of recordkeeping fees in advance.

For more information, please contact Mountain West IRA at 866-377-3311.

Please choose how you prefer to complete your Precious Metals Purchase Kit:


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