3 Crazy Investments Ideas

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Crazy Investments

Self-directed IRAs can become The Ultimate Retirement Machine, the IRS only provided rules on what you cannot invest in which leaves endless options for savvy investors. A truly self-directed retirement plan allows you the freedom to invest in what you know and understand. The retirement industry has been dominated by large transaction-driven custodians who have focused on a narrow universe of low return on investment choices. Accounts controlled by financial advisors, with low yielding returns may be right for some, they will never offer the kind of freedom that a Mountain West IRA Self-Directed retirement plan can offer.

We are sharing only 3 of the many of the well thought out and contradicted crazy IRA investment opportunities that our clients have inside of their IRAs. These investment opportunities that would baffle most.

Investment: Fishing License in Alaska
How is this profitable? Our client leases the contract lists, a percentage of the profits of the catch go right into his IRA

Investment: Airplane
How is this profitable? A pilot can lease the airplane from our client, all profits of the lease go directly the IRA

Investment: Cattle
How is this profitable? Let’s talk about Cowpital Gains and Bovidends?. Imagine having the ability to earn 100% Cowpital Gain on your investment. This is what our client earns by investing what he knows best!

Your Financial Advisor will tell you that only stocks, CDs, and mutual funds are allowed in your retirement account, however this is a common misconception. The truth is, broader investment options have been available to the public since the inception of the IRA in 1975. Neither the IRS nor the Department of Labor has ever published a list of legal investments; however, there is a list of Prohibited Transactions and Disqualified Persons that deal with what is not permitted. Almost any investment is permitted provided you follow the IRA provided rules.

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