Types of Plans

Types of Retirement Plans

Discover the Benefits of a Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred Mountain West Self-Directed IRA

Retirement accounts provide the opportunity to save money for the future in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment. A self-directed IRA with Mountain West IRA provides the additional benefit of allowing a variety of alternative investment opportunities with the potential to earn even more.

Retirement plans for individuals come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to open the account that is right for you. Mountain West IRA offers a variety of accounts:

Traditional IRA

A Traditional Individual Retirement Account is the oldest and most common type of retirement plan. A self-directed traditional IRA allows you to select the investments that you choose within your retirement plan.

Roth IRA

One of the best ways to save for retirement is with a Mountain West Self-Directed Roth Individual Retirement Account. Why? Because the growth and income on your investments are free from federal income tax as long as certain conditions are met.


Simplified Employee Pension plans (SEP) may provide an easy, low-cost plan option if you are self-employed or a partner/owner of a corporation. With a Mountain West Self-Directed SEP, you can use this account to invest in what you know best.


A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE IRA) is an IRA-based plan that gives employers an easy way to make contributions toward the retirement of their employees and themselves. This type of plan is designed for small businesses with 100 employees.

Individual (K) Plan

The Mountain West IRA Individual 401(k) Retirement Plan is a defined contribution plan for businesses that employ only the owners, their spouses, and partners. In some plans, including 401(k), business owners can make both employee deferrals and employer contributions.

Health Savings Account

A Mountain West IRA self-directed Health Savings Account (HSA) combines high deductible health insurance with a tax-favored savings account. Contributions to the HSA are 100% deductible, just like a Traditional IRA.

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