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If you choose to contribute to your retirement plan, you have the ability to select the percentage of contribution for any given year (0-25% of earned income) for both yourself and your staff. The only requirement is that the contribution percentage for a given year must be the same for each employee.


If you would like a self-directed SEP and your current retirement plan does not allow self-direction, you may transfer all or part of the funds to a Mountain West IRA self-directed SEP so that you may choose your own investments.

  • A Mountain West IRA self-directed SEP does not have the start-up and operating costs of a conventional employer plan.
  • Allows for tax-deductible contribution.
  • You and your employees can have the flexibility to self-direct your retirement funds into real estate, mortgages, and other alternative investments.

  • You are: a sole proprietor, independent contractor, self-employed, partner, corporation, or S corporation
  • Your business pays no taxes on investment earnings
  • You do not want to be locked into making contributions every year
  • You would like a plan with low administrative costs
  • You are looking for a wider range of investment choices

2022 SEP Contribution Limits
Employer Contribution
Up to 25% of compensation / Max. of $61,000


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If you’re looking for self-directed IRA companies, look no further than Mountain West IRA. We take great pride in helping our clients create the IRA retirement plan that will provide you with the solid financial foundation you need to ensure you can live comfortably in your retirement years.


Mountain West IRA is a nationally trusted self-directed IRA administrator. We accept a vast array of alternative investment options so you can create a diverse alternative asset portfolio that yields the results you are looking for to fund your retirement years, while being in control of your retirement.

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