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Mathew N. Sorensen, Partner
(602) 761-9798
Angstman Johnson
Attorneys and Counselors
(208) 384-8588
Cameron Keller, MAcc, CPA
Keller CPAs
(208) 887-9541
Non-Recourse Lenders:
Blue Ridge Bank & Trust
John Neil
ICON Credit Union
IRA Lending Department
North American Savings Bank
(866) 735-6272
Roger St. Pierre – Sr. VP
First Western Federal Savings Bank
(800) 908-8845
Matt Moran
President & CEO
Real Estate Backed Lending/Mortgages:
Brian Murphy, CFO and Investor Relations
Kevin McGrath, Loan Officer
Hopkins Financial Services, Inc.
(208) HOP-KINS  /  (208) 467-5467
Creed Herbold
Equity Wealth Builders
(208) 288-0505
Asset Backed Lending:
Adam Wicker
Paradigm Commercial Capital Group
(801) 682-8648

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